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Lilo Pelekai

Age (yrs): 5-7*
Gender: Female
Personality: Lilo is a spunky little Hawai'ian girl who lives with her sister, Nani, in Kokaua Town, Kaua'i. She's enthusiastic, competitive (The Series: Slugger, Spike), and shows signs of creativity, often retelling current events in a storybook fashion (Lilo & Stitch - Toaster the Bear, The Series: Clip, Bonnie & Clyde) or acting them out with help of Stitch (The Series: Sinker). She has a desire to socialise with the other members of her hula class, however, they reject her because of her quirky manner and outlandish ideas.

  • Lilo is often seen in one of three dresses: red with white leaves, green with white leaves, and yellow with green leaves. She also has a sea-green gown, and a (colour) shirt with (colour) shorts.
  • Lilo appears to understand to a certain degree what Stitch is saying, or can decipher what he says based on the situation, but often needs Jumba to translate more complex statements or long sentences.

    First appears in: Lilo & Stitch
    Subsequent appearances: Stitch Has A Glitch, Stitch! The Movie, Lilo & Stitch: The Series, Leroy & Stitch

    Voice actors:

  • English: Daveigh Chase
  • English stand-in (Stitch Has A Glitch): Dakota Fanning
  • German: Shir Hommelsheim
  • Japanese: Natsuo Yamashita
  • Spanish: Leire Martínez
  • Swedish: Sandra Kassman

    *In Lilo & Stitch, Lilo is five. In Stitch Has A Glitch, Stitch! The Movie and throughout much of season 1 of The Series, Lilo is six. In The Series episode Amnesio, Lilo has her seventh birthday. For the rest of the first season, all of the second season, and possibly (though not probably) Leroy and Stitch, Lilo is seven years old. For more info, see the FAQ.