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'Tis meh, voicing L&S stuff. Lengths are in min:sec format. All credits are added where credits are due.

LSST Preview A preview (kinda) to one of meh fanfics, Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek. Recorded 31 Jul 2005. Length: 0:24.
426 sings 'Oh Canada' 426 gets caught singing the Canadian national anthem, and 419 tells him off for listning to Pleakley. Recorded 13 Apr 2006. Length: 1:22.
Jumba Doesn't Need A Spine Jumba tries to remove his spine, and Pleakley gets quesish... Based on a comment by HeMeleNoLiloLover. Recorded 13 Apr 2006. Length: 0:22.
Theft, Endangerment, Insanity! Stitch orders Jumba around, Pleakley has... some doubts about this plan. Paraphrased from Lilo & Stitch. Recorded 13-15 Apr 2006. Length: 0:55.
Swirly Pleakley Stitch and Jumba gang up on Pleakley and give him a swirly. Based on a scene from Lilo & Stitch go to Camp Snoopy by HeMeleNoLiloLover. Recorded 5 Oct 2005. Length: 1:30.
We'll Be Heroes! Makahi and Kohi plot to catch the bad guy. Read from... well, The Bad Guy by HeMeleNoLiloLover. Recorded 13 Apr 2006. Length: 1:28.