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Lilo & Stitch (2002)

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Lilo & Stitch is your typical girl meets mutant alien experiment story... Jumba Jookiba creates Experiment 626, a creature designed to destroy everything it touches. The Federation, however, has other ideas and exiles 626 to a prison asteroid, under the guard of Captain Gantu. 626, eager to cause as much destruction as possible, escapes, hijacks a police cruiser, and crash-lands on a backwater planet in Area 51 named Earth... Fancy that. After being rammed by a fleet of tankers, 626 is taken to the local dog shelter.

Meanwhile, the Grand Councilwoman consults Earth expert Pleakley (Kevin McDonald, Kids in the Hall) about what she should do next. She then teams Pleakley with prison-bound Jumba, who has an unfortunate habit of stuffing newspapers in his mouth, to retrieve 626.

On Earth, Lilo Pelekai prays for an angel, unaware that her big sister and caregiver Nani is eavesdropping. She takes Lilo to the shelter the next day to get a dog, and Lilo, being quirky, chooses 626, and names him Stitch.

At first, Stitch uses Lilo as a human shield from Jumba and Pleakley, who have donned Earth disguises and are trying to capture the experiment without any of the natives noticing their out-of-planet appearance. But after Nani tries to throw him out, Lilo lectures Nani in the importance of the Hawaiian concept of 'ohana.

This hits Stitch head on, who realises that all Lilo wants to do is protect him, and that there is more to life than destruction. Some time afterwards, during a trip to the beach with David, he then begs Lilo to let him ride the waves with them, thus trying to face his fear of water.

But, unbeknownst to him, Jumba and Pleakley are watching, and subsequently try to capture Stitch by grabbing him off Nani's surfboard. This backfires on them when Stitch bites Pleakley's oxygen tank, sending both of them flying. Stitch soon loses consciousness, just before David rescues him.

After they are swept onto shore, the Grand Councilwoman phones Jumba and Pleakley and informs them that they are fired. Rather than eating his hair, Jumba gets rather excited, as they are no longer bound by Federation law. "Now, we do things my way!"

Realising that his presence endangers Lilo, Stitch sets off, searching for creatures like him, and, in the early morn of the next day, finds Jumba. Jumba informs him that there is nobody else.

Jumba then tells Stitch to come with him peacefully and he'd take him apart, which is pretty much the wrong thing to say under any circumstance. Stitch bolts for Lilo's house.

Meanwhile, David arrives at the Pelekai residence, telling Nani that he found a job for her. Nani leaves Lilo alone "for just a few minutes." (Chernobyl happened in just a few minutes too, but that's beside the point. Or maybe it isn't...)

After Nani leaves with David, Stitch scampers in, followed soon after by Jumba, who invites him to "come out from whoever you're hiding behind". Stitch sends out Lilo's doll Scrump, which is rigged with a small explosive. With Stitch dodging, climbing, and insulting Jumba's mother, and Jumba shooting, yelling, and being insulted, Pleakley, concerned for the welfare of Lilo, notices that she has disappeared, only to be found ringing Cobra Bubbles.

Pleakley tries to convince Cobra that they are not aliens, while Stitch grabs the family car (a VW Beetle) and whacks Jumba with it, shouting "Blue punch buggy! No punch back!" He then gets Jumba's plasma cannon, but at the very moment he shoots, Jumba sticks a carrot in it, triggering an overload. Pleakley grabs Lilo and runs for his life. Meanwhile, Jumba and Stitch continue to play their deadly game. The cannon explodes.

In town, Nani is just leaving her new job when a fire truck drives past and, despite her silent pleds, turns into the driveway of the Pelekai residence. Upon arriving at the house, she finds it devastated, and Cobra leading Lilo to his car. While Nani and Cobra argue, Lilo quietly slips away.

In the forest, Lilo meets Stitch, who reveals he's also an alien. However, watching in the distance is Gantu, and he captures the both of them, unloads them into a capture container, and launches his ship. Stitch escapes through a hole in the container, and (having hit the ground head first) gets whacked with a broom branded by Nani. She demands to know where Lilo is, but before he can answer, Jumba and Pleakley shows up and captures Stitch. Nani turns to the aliens, but they inform her that they're only after 626. Stitch then threatens Jumba, and he caves.

Meanwhile, Gantu requests hyperspace clearance, unaware that Jumba's ship is directly behind him (which he soon finds out by way of a little nudge from Jumba's left wing). He tries to shake Jumba off, to no avail. On his ship, Jumba reassures Nani that there's nothing that could go wrong.

Stitch throws himself out the hatch and onto Gantu's ship, then tries to scratch a hole in the container; Gantu, having other plans, turns his impulse exhaust flame on Stitch, and he falls off. A frog jumps on his head.

Gantu turns round for an attack, but Stitch, grabbing the frog, dodges the plasma pellets. As Gantu passes overhead, Lilo asks Stitch not to leave her, and Stitch promises he won't. Placing the frog aside, he stops an oncoming petrol tanker and crashes it into a lava flow. He then rips a hole in it, triggering a massive explosion and sending him crashing through the window of Gantu's ship. Gantu then proceeds to try and squish Stitch, but he has other ideas.

Stitch then crawls to the back of Gantu's ship and knocks a chasm in it with his head and grabbing Lilo.

[1] An interesting note: throughout the various continuations of Lilo & Stitch, it seems no-one other than those 'in-the-know' notices that Jumba, Pleakley, Gantu, and the experiments are all aliens, despite Pleakley's similarities to the classic Roswell-like alien. Gantu often gets mistaken for a shark or whale, though.